Life Masterpiece

If you're going to make something of your life, why not make it a masterpiece.

Life Masterpiece

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You are the craftsperson of your life.

Life Masterpiece ~ is a community for people of all ages and skill levels, to practice personal evolution and growth. Here, you can progressively develop and improve a wide range of life skills from personal finance, to career and family management in a clear, easy to adapt way. Life Masterpiece ~ is a deliberate method of working and managing your day-to-day life. 

The end-goal is for you to Make a Masterpiece of Your Life, then to pass on a legacy of tools and knowledge to your loved ones, to help them make a Masterpiece of their own.

The structure is unique; based on the time-tested practices used for centuries in crafts people’s workshops across the world. Practitioners embark on the quest of personal advancement at their own pace, using a wide range of tools and knowledge resources contained within The Workshops to aid you in developing and honing your personal skills.

The Practice

Five Working Environments for Crafting Your Life Masterpiece

The (Inner & Outer) Human Being

Handling The Material of Your Work

Your Personal Heritage

Your Past, Present & Legacy To The Future

Personal Finance

Developing Financial Stability Skills

Family Management

Lead Your Family With Skillful Leadership

Tools for Thriving

Skillful Use of the Tools To Shape Your Life

Working Groups

Four Peer Communities to Practice 'Life-as-a-Craft'

Age 12-24

Apprenticeship Working Group

Age 25-45

Journeywork Working Group

Age 45-65

Masterworks Working Group

Age 65-85+

Mentorship Working Group


Center for Learning 'The Way of Craftsmanship'

Craftsmanship is a foundational practice and mindset not only concerned with the finished work but also the process in which the work was done. 

Welcome to your Masterpiece.

Master Your Life

Community Membership is Forever Free.

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