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The how-to guide for crafting a masterpiece of your life.

Life Masterpiece

Life Masterpiece is a knowledge center and a workshop space for people of all ages and skill levels, to practice personal evolution and growth. 
Here, you can progressively develop and improve a wide range of life skills from personal finance, to career and family management in a clear, easy to adapt way. 

You are the craftsperson of your life.

The end-goal is for you to Make a Masterpiece of Your Life, then to pass on a legacy of tools and knowledge to your loved ones, to help them make a Masterpiece of their own.

Five working areas (workshops) have been prepared enabling you to focus on a particular topic without distractions, learn to use related tools, and access knowledge resources to further aid you in developing and polishing your personal skills in each area.

The Inner & Outer Human Being

Cultivating inner balance and outer wellness.

Your Personal & Family Heritage

Understanding the people and cultures that influence our lives.

Family & Personal Finance

Managing financial resources for personal and family well-being.

Family & Household Management

Skillful management of your household as a 'workshop'.

Tools to Shape Your Life

Instruments to harness and focus the energy within us and around us.

The Four Phases of Life-as-a-Craft

Age 12-24

Apprenticeship - The Learning Stage

Age 25-45

Journeywork - Applied Skills Stage

Age 45-65

Masterworks - Advanced Works Stage

Age 65-85+

Mentorship - Teaching Contribution Stage

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