My Life Masterpiece

"If you're going to make something of your life, why not Make It A Masterpiece."

My Life Masterpiece

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You are the craftsperson of your life.

"If you're going to make something of your life, why not Make It A Masterpiece."

My Life Masterpiece© is a community of practice and master workshops, for people of all ages and skill levels, to progressively develop and improve a wide range of life skills from personal finance, to career and family management in a clear, structured way.

The structure is unique; based on the time tested practices used for centuries in craftsman's workshops across the world. 

It is a deliberate way of working and managing your day-to-day life.

The end-goal, is for you to Make a Masterpiece of Your Life, then to pass a legacy of tools and knowledge to the children and loved ones in our lives, to help them make a Masterpiece of their own.

~ The Masterpiece Workshops ~

1. Master Workshops 🛠 - Five Working Environments for Crafting Your Masterpiece

  • Your Personal Heritage ~ Your Past, Present & Your Legacy To The Future
  • Family Management ~ Run Your Family Workshop With Skillful Leadership
  • Managing Personal Finance ~ Developing Financial Stability Skills
  • The (Inner & Outer) Human Being - Handling The Material of Your Work
  • Tools for Living ~ Skillful Use of the Tools To Shape Your Life

2. Working Groups 👥 ~ Four Peer Communities to Practice 'Life-as-a-Craft'

  • Age 12-24: Apprenticeship Working Group
  • Age 25-45: Journeywork Working Group
  • Age 45-65: Masterworks Working Group
  • Age 65-85+: Mentorship Working Group

3. Λkademía 🏛 ~ Center for Learning 'The Way of Craftsmanship'

Craftsmanship is an attitude of mind not only concerned with the finished work; the end product itself, but also the process; the manner in which the work was done.  

Craftsmanship is the foundation for practicing of 'Life-as-a-Craft'.

Community Membership is Forever Free. Join Us Today!

Welcome to Life-as-a-Craft.

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